Calibrachoa Can-Can™ Mocha

mocha_cancanOne of three new Calibrachoas we are introducing this year is ‘Mocha’, from the Can-Can™ series at Ball. The flower has creamy white petals with a splash of dark chocolate at the throat and along the veins. We grew this variety as one of our production trials last year, and we were impressed by the chocolate-on-cream effect that is a hallmark of this plant.

Although you can blend it with other varieties, we prefer it as a single-cultivar centerpiece basket. It’s a good choice for those who desire the million bells look with a more refined, less vivid color scheme.

For commercial plantings, ‘Mocha’ can be used in the raised beds or planters at the threshold of a property, or perhaps in the centerpiece containers at the entrance of a lobby. It’s a more daring choice than the usual Vincas or Begonias—use it when you want to make an impact.

Cultivars in the Can-Can™ series are noted for their strong bi-color contrasts. Take a look at Can-Can™ ‘Terra Cotta’ and you will see a strong theme of dark-on-light shades. For retailers, the Can-Cans are good box-store fighters because they are a bit edgy and different.

In comparison, consider the Cabaret™ series. Cabarets are the same Calibrachoas, but the color contrast has been dialed down to the point where they are very uniform. You can rely on Cabaret™ when you need a solid foundation of basic color.

A well-organized program with sensible and distinctive color choices works for us. While the industry is choked with a lot of “me-too” and ever-so-slight variations of Cali colors right now, we grow (32) distinctive and different Calibrachoas, with solid track records behind them. A new introduction should be fresh and unique, and our new varieties for 2012 are just that, particularly ‘Mocha’.