New Guinea Impatiens 'Tropical Peach'

ngi_tropicalpeachWe’ve written about the Celebration Impatiens before—New Guineas have the ability to project a big plant with big blooms and carry it off well in the shade. This variety looks good from a distance and is impressive as you approach it. Featured in a large container, the plant will fill the space—nice and tall. Remember: we do not have very many design choices for this role in the shade. Vibrant, showy color like you’ll find in these Impatiens works well for tree-lined yards or along the porches of older homes.

For 8-inch pots, the best New Guineas on the market right now are the Celebrations from Ball. We carry the eight major colors in the series, and 'Tropical Peach' would be the ninth color in our product line-up.

As usual with these market names, ‘Tropical Peach’ is not exactly a peach—it’s more of a pretty, deep, rich orange-to-apricot—not a pale peach at all. The color is more like a Fanta flavor than a fruit flavor.

For us, ‘Tropical Peach’ fills that space between the orange and the salmon:

  • ‘Celebration Bright Salmon’
  • ‘Celebration Tropical Peach’
  • ‘Celebration Orange’

Although New Guineas are low maintenance as far as cleaning is concerned, they do require a steady diet of water. Since they don't handle drought very well, these plants work best in containers and managed gardens.

We have been very happy with the results we’ve seen from Celebration New Guineas, and we expect ‘Tropical Peach’ to exhibit the same clean habit and rounded form as the other colors in the series.