An Unexpected Offer—Mammoth Mums Right Now!

Mum Mammoth LavenderMammoth Mums are hard to keep in stock—they are very, very popular. For weeks, we have been turning orders away because we’ve been sold out.

Suddenly today we had an unexpected cancellation leaving us with (400) Mammoth Mums in six colors: Spider Yellow, Twilight Pink, Bronze, Coral, Lavender and Deep Pink. We decided to let our faithful readers have first dibs on these gorgeous plants. They are prime and ready to ship, so if you want them you can order them now.

Order by phone for the fastest service because these plants won’t last. Soon we will be turning people away again, so call immediately if you want them. In the meantime, let me explain why these mums are in such high demand.

Mum Yellow
Spider Yellow

First, Mammoth Mums are not the usual decor mums that come in the 8-inch pots. A typical decor mum is pretty and it’s available in lots of colors and bloom times; however, the hardiness and size has been bred out of it. Décor mums are considered toss-away plants in the industry.

Not so with the Mammoths. These are BIG mums shipped in 8-inch pots and they are the most impressive mums we sell. They are also TOUGH, hardy down to 30° below, so they easily survive our winters.

Mum Lav

Mammoths also thrive in tough soils. We dropped a few of them out by the barn, next to some broken concrete where the soil is hard and clay-like. We ignored them, yet they grew like champions and got even BIGGER the next year. By the third year, they were BIGGER still—that’s typical with Mammoths. Mature specimens like ours will reach 30 inches tall and three feet wide.

Mum Coral

Rest assured, Mammoths still retain the Mum floral firepower. They are heavy bloomers with daisy-style flowers, and their blooms become more abundant in subsequent years. This is a mum for mum enthusiasts. Its impressive size, along with its true perennial status and heavy coat of flowers gives the Mammoth its sought-after status.

Mum Pink

Not everyone grows these mums, by the way. They don’t “pack, stack and rack” onto standard carts easily the way most decorative mums do. We happen to like the Mammoths very, very much—and you will too, if you can get your hands on some.