Summer Calibrachoas

callieI noticed an especially nice use of Calibrachoas last week in this planter bench outside a store:Callie ‘Blue Jeans’ spills over the front of the two arms while Plumosa Fern provides some vertical drama in the back.

It’s simple, but effective.

Notice how vibrant the Calibrachoa looks as it drapes over the front and sides of the bench. It’s a fantastic summer performer for both sun and partial sun, and the deep velvety blue is subtle and eye-catching at the same time.

Keeping the focus on the brilliant color in the front, the designer chose a tall green to place in the back—a nice use of contrasts. Some careful thought and attention to detail can turn even a small project into a captivating display.

We have an ample mix of Summer Calibrachoas grown fresh for the season. Looking shipshape right now are ‘Blue Jeans’, ‘Perfect White’ and ‘Perfect Yellow’. ‘Blue Jeans’ was freshly drenched when I took these photos, so you can see the glistening water spots on the flowers.

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