Patriotic Petunias

petunia_rwbFor the holidays, we offer a special mix of red, white and blue petunias for both landscapers and retailers.

These petunias work well for landscape projects, adding some independent spirit to public areas like stores, parks, commercial plantings and business baskets that hang outside. Take this opportunity to create a festive summer atmosphere and move out some of the spring baskets that have gotten a little tired.

At 8-inches, these pots do not need to grow out to look fabulous. You can drop them right in, fluff them out, and they’ll be good to go. Our pre-mix does a fantastic job of balancing red, white and blue blooms. You’ll find that these Petunias feature excellent flower performance.

For retailers, these same 8-inch pots look great sitting on a picnic table or decorating a summer BBQ gathering. A container of Petunias makes a nice impulse purchase either as a take-home or as a hostess gift. Grown under our Fresh for the Summer program, these vigorous and vibrant plants are looking forward to the start of their season.

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