Harmony New Guinea Impatiens

ngimp_mixTo fill our 4.5-inch pots, we’ve chosen the Harmony series of New Guinea Impatiens. A Harmony will have slightly smaller flowers than a Celebration, but the plant itself is very well branched, resulting in more blooms. Harmonies are very floriferous, so their tops will get better color coverage than those of a Celebration.

This may seem like a nuance detail, but it’s one you can see for yourself:

  • For landscapers—a group of Harmonies will present more color as you walk toward it.
  • For retailers—a Harmony in a 4.5-inch pot will look better and more finished than a Celebration in the same pot.  

Choose a Celebration when you want a “statement plant”—big, showy flowers sporting big, showy leaves in a big pot.

For color coverage in a gardenscape or a small impatiens pot that delivers tremendous style at a decent price, you can’t beat Harmony—in its little niche, Harmony wins hands down.

You would not pick up this fact from the current literature, however; there is surprisingly little said about the Harmony New Guineas. Still, when you live and work with impatiens the way we do, every little detail jumps out at you.

Since garden designers and retail benches need plenty of color choices to be effective, we don’t hesitate to bring a full range of Harmony shades to the market:

  • Baroque Pink
  • Bordeaux
  • Cardinal Red
  • Dark Lilac
  • Dark Red
  • Magnolia
  • Orange Excitement
  • Peach
  • Pink Cream
  • Pure White
  • Violet

We are personally fond of the Harmony bi-colors—they feature strong trails of color that radiate out from the eye. It’s a different look, and we like to mix things up!