Hearthside Planters

hearthside_planterBreak away from those “me-too” Poinsettia displays with our Hearthside Planters. We take one of our terra cotta planters, set down several strong crowns of Poinsettias along the center, and fill it in with Diamond Frost, Needlepoint Ivies, and sometimes Polka-Dot Plant. To add vertical interest, we spray silver onto Juncus. Underneath it all, the soil volume is large enough to keep the whole arrangement healthy and happy well past the holidays.


Hearthside Planters have been a staple of ours for several years. They are popular as focal points in retail displays, and also work as centerpieces in large areas like churches, businesses or commercial lobbies. Each planter is large enough to grace a huge space and not get lost. These look great displayed up high on a table or bench and work equally well down low—they make a striking appearance simply sitting on the floor. 


Each arrangement is designed a little differently to infuse it with personality. One might have a snowcap of Diamond Frost as a focal point, while another might have a straight shock of Juncus; another will use curly Juncus to give it a unique, funky appearance. 

We offer Hearthside Planters in other colors, but red is by far the biggest seller—it has the most dramatic pop.