Fall Pansies & Violas

pansy_fallLandscapers have been shifting away from mums for several seasons now, and it is easy to see why. Pansies provide a long season of fall color with abundant blooms, then they melt away in the winter—no clean up required.

In the spring, they return with more color, allowing a busy landscaper more flexibility in spring scheduling.

Following this trend, we have boosted our range of colors and forms for pansies this year. We have a great selection of Delta and Matrix® colors ready for planting in both 1801 landscape trays and 804 deep trays.


As much as we praise pansies in the fall, we believe violas are even better for the landscaping trade. In all the gardens we've grown and all the trials we've seen, we know that violas are the performance champs. They fill in fast, look better earlier and later in the season than pansies, and provide that strong from-a-distance color that is always in demand.

Pansies sport a bigger flower and more familiar name, but violas spread their color out evenly across the garden bed. Additionally, the new viola breeding, especially in the Sorbets, has been exceptional in recent years. We recommend that if you are not currently working with violas, pull a few trays and give them a personal trial. You will be impressed with the results.