Reflections on Field Day

field_day_2011We are very pleased with the feedback we've gotten from a number of people concerning our Field Day training session. As you can see from the photos, many attended and had fun as well.

We held the training in our converted barn - kind of rustic, but it was big and comfortable for the sessions. We had (5) sessions covering design, soils, fertilizers, pests, and of course, the new varieties coming out.

On the tours, instructors followed the group and talked about the mature specimens we had on display around the greenhouses - including the container plantings and the garden beds themselves.

We even served a nice lunch out on our patio where everyone could review the literature. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to meet their peers and talk about the relevant issues facing our industry.

It was a good learning experience for those who attended, worth (4) CEU credits for PLANET certification. We are already thinking about next year's sessions, if you have any additional feedback or would like to suggest some sessions you would be interested in, send us a email or give us a call.