Autumn Accents

rudbeckiaHere’s a quick recipe for autumn color using three crops we have in bloom right now: calibrachoas, petunias and rudbeckias.

Use the rudbeckia as the drama in the center. Surround them with some contrasting dark petunias, then add another contrasting ring of calibrachoas to flow the color off the edges.

This recipe works well in containers and in square or rounded beds. Just remember that it uses a bull’s-eye construction as you look down at it. When working with a corner or a long and flat space, shift the center of the bull’s-eye to one of the sides, and build out from there.

Don't worry about formal construction when working with this concept—be creative! Just remember to keep the tall rudbeckias in the center, use the spreading petunias to bolster them and let the calibrachoas sweep color over the edges.

Notice these colors work well for Harvest sales in September and Halloween festivals later in the season. Landscapers take note: we can provide the materials you need to create a distinctive look for the properties you manage.


Cultvars that appear in this photo: Calibrachoa ‘Dreamsicle’, Petunia ‘Suncatcher Midnight Blue’, Rudbeckia ‘Tiger Eye’, ‘Toto Rustic’ and ‘Toto Gold’ (from left to right)