Cottage Garden Bowls

Cottage Garden 01

A couple of years ago we set out to create an early spring product with vibrant colors, fun textures, and most importantly, strong performance through cool nights. Lo and behold—Cottage Garden Bowls were born. They’ve become very popular, so we’re offering them again this year.

You might remember that Cottage Garden Bowls are custom early spring mixes we’ve prepared to ease the cabin fever that sets in around March. Days start to warm up around then, but chilly nights still linger so cool-loving plants are essential. We’ve put a lot of thought into the design of these bowls and as a result they pack a vivid punch and add personality to the landscape at a time when fun color is hard to find.

Cottage Garden 02

Specifically grown for early spring, our 10-inch Cottage Garden Bowls are terra cotta colored and filled with a combination of pansies, violas, and early spring accent plants that can handle a light frost. They cannot tolerate a heavy frost or freeze, so protect them or bring them inside if temps get into that range. Basically, if the weather is pansy-friendly, the Cottage Garden Bowl will do just fine. 

Porches, steps, tabletops—anywhere you need a quick splash of early color, Cottage Garden Bowls fill the bill. We like to group them together for extra impact.

 Cottage Garden 03

Cottage Garden Bowls work well in garden beds, too. Each bowl has a personality of its own, but we planted them together and were happy at how they filled a space so quickly and easily. Plus they are cost-effective, right in line with ordinary pansy bowls of the same size.