Poinsettia Displays for Businesses


Our family of poinsettia displays for businesses has grown this year to include an extra-large floor arrangement. We’ve designed this new piece wide and tall to make the most of open-space areas in lobbies and showrooms—it comes in at around 32–36 inches high. This means our line of Poinsettia Centerpieces now comes in three sizes: Large for floor displays, Medium for tabletops, and Small for desks.


The Large Centerpiece is named Fireworks for the silver-painted cyperus we’ve included in the arrangement. Classic red poinsettias set the tone—we’ve planted them in a 14-inch pot. Notice the broad canopy of color that drapes over the edge—hardly any green shows through. You can see that this arrangement is definitely designed to serve as a floor display, rising about waist-high. It generously fills the space and is impressive on its own.


Back again this year is what we consider our Medium Centerpiece for tabletops: the Hearthside Centerpiece in a 12-inch bowl. This piece is designed lower so that holiday guests or coworkers can see each other across a table. For personality, we use distinctive materials such as artemisia, dusty miller, diamond frost, Jacob’s ladder, juncus grass, needlepoint fern, and asparagus fern. Each adds a touch of elegance and finishes the Hearthside with high-end polish. (Please note: every arrangement is different and will include some, but not all, of the plants listed.)


Rounding out our holiday family are the Small Displays for desktops in 4-inch and 6-inch pots. You’ll find a wide range of colors in these smaller, versatile sizes. Use them on tabletops, in corners—anywhere you need a festive touch of seasonal color. We like to use them as desktop décor—nothing cheers up an old Scrooge like a bright, fresh plant greeting him (her) every morning. 


As part of the extended family, our Hearthside Planter will be making an appearance this holiday season as well. It comes in a 24-inch rectangular planter and is similar in design to the Centerpiece, only a little bit taller. It isn’t just for the hearthside—a large reception area would be a nice spot for one, plus it’s appropriate for church use, too.

Hearthsides are available in any color of poinsettia we sell, although red is always the most popular—it’s classic and dramatic, and you can’t beat that. Our new floor arrangement is available in red; we can make it in another color if you request it, but we like way the silver in the design makes the red pop.