Herbal Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days: spending time with family and friends, enjoying a hearty meal, and taking stock of all we have to be thankful for—which is a lot. Sometimes this important holiday gets all but overlooked in the run-up to Christmas, so last year we designed a special centerpiece unique to Thanksgiving—and it was a roaring success. We challenged ourselves to come up with another festive piece this year. 

An eye-catching yellow poinsettia is the focal point once again—it was a standout component of last year’s version. From there we’ve gotten creative, adding green and white hypoestes, or polka dot plant, and variegated ivy for color and texture. Curly juncus grass provides the vertical interest; now, what do you think would seal the deal and make this arrangement truly Thanksgiving-centric?


We’ve finished our centerpiece with variegated sage, basil, rosemary, and thyme for a boost of verdant color and tempting aromas. Flowers are pretty on the table, but at mealtime their perfume-like scent can be overpowering. Fresh herbs emit a fragrance that actually whets the appetite, establishing a culinary connection that makes this arrangement a natural garnish for the Thanksgiving table.


Our Thanksgiving centerpiece comes in a 12-inch fiber pot; it has a nice earthy, organic look that works well slipped inside a wicker basket or set in a festive dish. We designed it to be low so that you can see over it—the finished piece is about 15 inches tall and 15–18 inches wide. A few wisps of juncus might stick out a little higher—it has a mind of its own. Nothing gets the dinner conversation started like some wild, curly juncus grass.


When watering the arrangement, feel the soil first; it should not be bone dry but it should not be constantly wet, either. It’s best to water only about twice a week and to err on the dry side. With a little attention the centerpiece should last for several weeks after Thanksgiving—any host or hostess would be thankful to receive one as a gift.