Daffodil ‘Mount Hood’

Daffodil Mount-Hood-00

Yellow. Bananas, submarines, and daffodils. 

In the landscaping business it’s easy to fall into a rut, and that happens often with daffodils. Luckily there are other color choices available and one such alternative is ‘Mount Hood’—it’s white. You’re probably familiar with its large, creamy white trumpet flowers—this variety is an industry standard. The question is: have you used it to its full potential?

Daffodil Mount-Hood-01

Mass planting is by far the most effective way to go with ‘Mount Hood’. Use it to create a sweeping vista of white that looks like an early spring snowdrift. Refresh an existing bed of yellow by sprinkling white bulbs here and there for a butter and cream appearance. Take advantage of its ability to naturalize in the landscape, as well, and consider it a blank canvas to mix with other colorful early spring flowers. If cabin fever strikes, go ahead and plant some in containers or urns for an end-of-winter pick-me-up.

Daffodil Mount-Hood-02

Bulbs are smart choices for early spring—they’re very durable and have no problem tolerating snow. Our ‘Mount Hood’ bulbs are the most cold hardy and pest-resistant of the major bulb selections. They are #1 grade, large, well hydrated, and multi-nose for a strong performance in the first year and for many years to come.

Daffodil Mount-Hood-03

Plants grow about 15 inches tall. They prefer full sun to part shade and bloom mid-season. Space bulbs 5–6 inches apart in well-drained soil—the soil drainage is key. Other than that daffodils are fairly low-maintenance.

Daffodil Mount-Hood-04

Since white is a symbol of purity, consider ‘Mount Hood’ for Easter displays, as well. It’s appropriate for the holiday—and it will get you out of your lily rut.

‘Mount Hood’ will be available in the 6-inch pot.