Xtreme Series of Impatiens

imp_tangoImpatiens are fast-growing, full-color annuals that do well in the shade. These are good plants to recommend to home gardeners if they want big color in a broad carpet, and 1203 trays are an affordable way to get to big color.

We grow the Xtreme series of Impatiens as it is the best impatiens for just this task. The plants grow very strong in the garden, even when starting from the small tray cell. We recommend planting them about 8 inches apart to get full color coverage with no soil showing.

Xtreme Impatiens produce big flowers, about 2-1/2 inches in size, and we have an extra-nice crop this year. Along with the big color, we offer big range of different colors - about (9) different kinds - and (3) different types of mixes: Merlot Mix, Tango Mix and a Paradise Mix.

Right now, our Xtreme Pink, Orange, Rose, Tango and White are really, really beautiful. Our best mix is the Little Gem, sometimes known as the Merlot Mix. We have an extended wave of these impatiens, from Exceptional Color through Full Color through Teasing Color, so we can resupply your impatiens trays for several weeks.

This is a great bedding plant when you want to show lot of different colors, lots of different mixes, in an affordable tray you can offer as a great garden value with lots of color performance.

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