Early Spring 2015


Easter Tulips

Tulips 07

Easter is here—time to fill up on your color inventory. True, it’s still cold, but that’s all the more reason to be prepared. Customers and businesses will be anxious to decorate with bright spring flowers after the long, harsh winter we’ve just experienced.

Where do we turn to announce the arrival of spring? To tulips, of course—and we have a wide range of shades. These buds are just cracking color, so you’ll get the maximum shelf life and retail time out of them.


Bracteantha Mohave Series

Bracteantha Rose3

You might know it by one of its common names: strawflower or everlasting daisy. Bracteantha is also sometimes called golden everlasting because the wild form has golden yellow bracts with yellow-brown corollas. Delicate papery flowers are this plant’s claim to fame—they have a crackly, straw-like texture and seem to last forever. The daisy-like blooms are renowned for drying beautifully without losing their color or shape.


Three New Fuchsias

Fuchsias DE 02

We’ve got three new fuchsias for spring and one word we’d use to describe them is elegant. All three have the delicate, pendulous blooms that fuchsias are known for but as you’ll see, each offers a unique spin on the classic look. Hanging baskets are where these trailing selections shine, gracefully cascading over the edges for a stunning display of color.


Pachystachys—Shrimp Plant

Shrimp Plant 01

Here’s an intriguing tropical you might not have seen before, although it’s a common landscape ornamental in warmer climates. Shrimp plant, or golden shrimp plant, is an evergreen shrub that’s a native of Peru. It’s related to Crossandra ‘Orange Marmalade’ that we discussed a few weeks ago and has a similar look: bright, showy flowers contrasted against glossy dark green leaves. 


EnduraScape™ Verbenas

EduraScape 05

Landscape performance is what the breeders were going for with the EnduraScape™ series and they succeeded. Look at these big day-glo flowers—you can spot them from across the street. We use them when we need to color up a wide-open space or fill out oversized containers.

Hard working is an understatement. EnduraScape™ verbenas keep cranking out blooms in the face of extreme heat, humidity, poor soil, and drought, from late spring all the way through fall. They can even withstand winter temps that get down into the teens and rebloom the following spring—that’s a first for verbena.

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