Holiday 2012


‘Premium Picasso’ Poinsettias

PicassoMany retailers look for something outside of the standard reds and whites that everyone sells. Those two colors are the most popular ones, but adding something different to your order will make your offerings stand out. An eye-catching display of something different really helps.

Among our Art-Style Poinsettias we’ve noticed that ‘Premium Picasso’ has developed a nice little fan base. Technically, this is a white poinsettia with red flecking, but that description barely does the plant justice.


Poinsettia Open House Tomorrow

Point RedWe'd like to invite our Christmas buyers to our Poinsettia Open House tomorrow, November 14, between 10am and 3pm. It's a casual affair, so just drop by when it is convenient for you. For buyers who are extra choosy about their crops, this is an excellent time for you to personally review our plants and reserve the pots and lots that you want us to ship to your place.

Even though Poinsettias are available everywhere, they are not exactly easy plants to grow. There are nuances to this crop that affect the size and quality of the plant, so we give buyers who want the cream of the crop the chance to personally hand-pick the Poinsettias they want to offer to their customers.


New Petunias for Next Year

New PetuniaWe've noticed a significant expansion in Petunia breeding over the past few years, especially with the Vegetative Petunias. It used to be they were mostly available in solids. All of a sudden, the breeders seem to have made a genetic breakthrough and we are seeing Pictoees, Stripes, Bi-colors, Multi-colors and solids all with interesting textures in them.

This is an important trend because Vegetative Petunias are extremely well suited for combination planters, containers and window boxes. No other type of Petunia works as well because the Vegatative Petunias fill their space with a lot of color without being invasive in the pot. They play very well with the other kids.

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