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Begonia Mixes

BEG Super Olympia Mix Commerical Garden
Durable, dependable color of 'Super Olympia'—the importance is obvious here

Add another billable service to the boxwoods and lawns in your landscape business menu by offering simple color gardens to clients—and start with begonias. These plants are purpose-built to solve many of the problems found in the commercial world because they’re tough, consistent, and dependable. Begonias bloom through the season, stay neat and tidy, and tolerate rough handling, plus they aren’t fussy about soil, water, or light.  


Two More New Gerberas

GER Maxi Fireball
Gerbera ‘Maxi Fireball’

A few weeks back we introduced one of our new gerberas for spring, ‘Cartwheel Strawberry Twist’. Well, we have two more new gerberas for when you need eye-popping accents in shades of orange. Both are heavy bloomers, producing very large flowers on tough, sturdy stems:

‘Maxi Fireball’ consists of vibrant red-orange petals with a yellow ring surrounding a dark eye.

‘Mega Revolution Orange’ has clear bright orange petals that fan out from a dark center.

Gerberas always bring the wow factor, so it can be difficult blending them into the general landscape flower population. Blue provides nice contrast to the orange, so you might try combining these with ‘Cabaret Deep Blue’ calibrachoa, ‘Victoria Blue’ salvia, or ‘Early Springs Blue’ lobelia.

Both of these new orange gerberas are available in the 4.5-inch pot.

GER Mega Revolution Orange
Gerbera ‘Mega Revolution Orange’


Coleus ‘French Quarter’

COL French Quarter
Coleus ‘French Quarter’

This popular variety placed 4th in our Vote for Your Favorite Coleus contest during Field Day last year. It was part of a 3-way tie out of the 34 varieties we planted. That’s pretty darn good, considering how many eye-catchers were in the lineup.

If it looks vaguely familiar, ‘French Quarter’ is a play off of the Kong series, although the leaves are not as large. They do have the same bold, brightly patterned Kong appearance, especially when the magenta starts to show—the pink adds another layer of contrast to the burgundy and bright green.

There’s another reason that the fancy veining on this plant might seem familiar: it resembles the elaborate scrollwork on the iron balconies of the historic French Quarter of New Orleans—hence the name.

Sun or shade is fine for this coleus. It comes in the 4.5-inch pot.

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