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Portulaca ‘Rio Scarlet & Yellow Mix’

FN 3.1 POR Rio Scarlet & Yellow 0001
Vibrant blooms of  ‘Rio Scarlet and Yellow Mix’

New for 2017 we have an eye-catching mix of Rio series Scarlet and Yellow flowers. Plants in this series are low growing and vigorous, blooming heavily throughout the hottest days of summer. We like the vibrant flower colors so we thought we’d mix a couple together for you.

Moss rose belongs in the sun, and tolerates drought and dry soil where other plants struggle. It does grow best with regular water but drainage is very important. Mixing in a little sand is one way to help the plants thrive, and deadheading will get you more blooms.

We use this tough plant for quick, easy summer color. It’s suitable as edging or groundcover, plus it’s great for brightening rock gardens or sprawling over stone walls. This vivid flower combo mixes right into baskets and patio containers with other brilliant summer selections for sun. 

‘Rio Scarlet & Yellow Mix’ comes in the 8-inch pot.


Petunias in Hanging Baskets

FN 1.4 PET Wave Blue 0003
Lush and overflowing—‘Wave Blue’

Petunias in 10-inch hanging baskets are looking prime and ready to go for quick splashes of spring color—especially handy when prepping for Memorial Day celebrations. These beautiful baskets are lush and full, with brilliant blooms flowing right out over the edges. 


Tomato ‘Take Two’

FN 2.1 LYC Take Two 0001

Yes, this is a follow-up tomato article, but in this case ‘Take Two’ is actually the name of the plant. In this unique combo we have a mix of ‘Baby Boomer’ cherry and larger ‘Bush Goliath’ slicing tomatoes together in one pot. It’s a practical container for smaller space gardens—attractive looking and covered with delicious tomatoes.

FN 2.2 LYC Bush Goliath 0001
‘Bush Goliath’

These selections have been tested and proven to work well when planted together, with similar growth habits and fruiting times. ‘Baby Boomer’ is a small but vigorous bush-style plant, producing hundreds of bite-sized red tomatoes that are bursting with sweet flavor. ‘Bush Goliath’ is also a compact bush-type, with very strong stems. It bears larger 3–4 inch red tomatoes with sweet, meaty flesh.

Both plants keep the tomatoes coming consistently until frost, so customers can enjoy fresh homemade sauce and salads all summer. A novelty plant like ‘Take Two’ starts many a conversation over a bowl of salsa and chips on the patio.

This variety comes in the 12-inch planter.

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