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Summertime Blues

FN 1.11 salvia victoria blue
Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’ 

We do end up singing the blues during summer in Cincinnati, when it’s hot, dry, and parched—and all our lovely ornamentals are biting the dust. Luckily at Diefenbacher we have a continuous supply of fresh color during the summer months to replenish displays that are starting to fade.


‘SunPatiens Tropical Rose’

FN 2.1 Ball dispthumb.aspx
Unique variegated foliage of ‘Tropical Rose’ 

New for 2017 we have a unique SunPatiens variety from Sakata. ‘Tropical Rose’ has brilliant rose red flowers, just as we would expect from a plant in this series but you’ve probably already noticed its most distinguishing feature: variegated foliage. Brilliant yellow is framed by dark green for an unusual, eye-catching look—it’s a show in and of itself.

These mounding plants are nice and tidy, and covered with flowers all the way up to a hard frost. They thrive in the heat and humidity of summer, and can be used virtually anywhere, from full sun to full shade. 

FN 2.4 IMP SunPatiens Tropical Rose crop
Brilliant rose red flowers

While ‘Tropical Rose’ is pretty much a one-plant-band, ‘Cabaret Purple’ calibrachoa adds even more color and looks elegant trailing out around the edges of it in a basket. We also like to pair this selection with other chartreuse foliage, like ‘Marguerite’ ipomoea, to play up the variegation.

This ornamental variety is available in the 8-inch pot.


Vinca ‘Titan Lavender Blue Halo’

FN 3.1 VIN Titan Lavender Blue Halo 0004
‘Lavender Blue Halo’ 

Pinwheels—that’s what these large blooms look like, with delicate lavender-blue petals surrounding a white halo in the center. Titan has the largest vinca flower on the market, and we get lots of blooms continuously throughout the summer. 

While these flowers are charming, the foliage is key here. It’s glossy dark green, dense, and lush on short, bushy plants—very efficient at covering the soil. We also like the way the bright blooms stand out against the dark leaves.

‘Lavender Blue Halo’ is a tough, durable ornamental—it’s highly heat and drought tolerant with a neat mounding habit. You’ll find that it grows best in full to partial sun and thrives in poor to average, well-drained soil. Well-drained is the operative word, as the plant does not tolerate wet feet so be careful not to overwater and keep it out of the shade.

This vinca is great for sunny borders and patio pots, rock gardens, and hanging baskets—any spot that needs a touch of the tropics, or touching up in general. It also attracts butterflies and bees.

We grow ‘Lavender Blue Halo’ in the 8-inch pot.

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